About This Blog

I began this blog as a project that would involve both my husband and myself, to pubish photos and essays and video interviews and segments that would inform family, friends, and anyone at all who might be curious about what life is like in South America about, well, what life is like in South America. But Jamie always has to do his own thing, so this is my project. I try to keep about our lives together, although I have been known to remain entirely inside my own head at times.

It has become a real labor of love for me, with the hope that it will help to make people more aware of where they are on this spinning glob of cosmic debris, and about how we are all interconnected and at one with the universe when we stop to admire the stars at night or howl at the moon. I am very proud of my work here, and hope that others can find some beauty and inspiration in these words.

The name of the blog has multiple meanings to both of us, in terms of perspective and point of view, in terms of the spinning of the Round Earth stirring up processes and patterns of the motions of a Cosmic Dance of Life and Love, in terms of the messsage that the Beatles gave to the world that music and art can change the world...