About the Earth

Here, I am planning to compile links to articles and websites that have to do with reconnecting ourselves with Madre Tierra. It will be growing, so check in whenever you are feeling the pull of Nature - and please contact me, if you would like to add anything to this list.

We Are One: August 9 is International Day of the World’s Indigenous People. With an indigenous uprising last month in Brazil, Survival International’s Joanna Eede celebrates the world’s first peoples in a new book. from Guernica Magazine

Shareable.net: Sharing by design

Queltehue - This site is in Castellano, but the photos of these interesting birds are wonderful - be sure to click on "continĂșa" at the bottom of each of the many pages to get to the little baby chicks at the end - soooo cute!

Bandurria - Again, in Castellano, great bird photos.

Tree of Life Web Project - In English, this is just incredibly fascinating to me. Learn about all forms of life on earh. You can get to the birds quickly by clicking on the "Popular Pages" button on the left, or let the site guide you through the tree to find out how closely related birds are to dinosaurs and alligators.